Guidance on your application

Your application is an important part of our recruitment process. It enables us to assess your suitability for the role that you have applied for and will determine whether or not you are shortlisted for interview. 

When we shortlist, we look at your experience, skills, knowledge, attainment and other information in line with the job description and person specification. 

The job description outlines the main responsibilities and duties of the post, and a person specification outlines the skills, abilities, experience and qualifications that you require to fulfil these duties. 

Please ensure you read the job description and person specification before you apply so you have in mind the skills and knowledge we are looking for. 

Applicants who are disabled under the provisions of the Equality Act 2010 will be automatically shortlisted provided they meet the essential qualifications and experience required by the post. 

How to complete your application 

1. Personal Details

Please provide your name and contact details. This will enable us to contact you at each stage of the recruitment process as needed. 

Declaration of Interests

Direct or indirect canvassing of members, directors or Senior Officers by, or on behalf of yourself is forbidden. If you are related to a member, director or Senior Officer please provide the necessary details.

2. CV

This section is for you to upload your CV. 

3. Employment

This section is for you to provide details of your current employment. Any employment gaps should also be included.

4. Education

List all attended education establishments attended from age 11 and details of qualifications obtained. This includes schools, colleges and universities. 

5. Additional Information

This is an important section of the application as it is your opportunity to explain how you meet the criteria of the job description and person specification i.e. how your skills, knowledge and experience match those we require and how they will enable you to successfully do the job. It is advisable to:

  • Use the criteria in the person specification as headings and give examples of your experience and skills under each heading.

  • Use skills you have gained from study, community and voluntary work, leisure interests and home life, as well as those from your past and present employment.

  • Check you have demonstrated how you meet all the essential requirements on the person specification. The shortlisting panel cannot guess or make assumptions about your work experience.

  • Remember that we use the job description and person specification to shortlist – if you do not therefore clearly demonstrate how you meet the essential criteria in the person specification – it is unlikely that you will be shortlisted to interview.

Initial Teacher Training

This section is to be completed for teaching posts only where a teaching qualification is an essential or desirable criterion for the role.

This section requires details of the teaching qualification obtained including qualification gained, date QTS obtained, principle subject, subsidiary subject(s) and teacher reference number. 

This information will inform the selection process.

6. Further Details

In accordance with the principles of safer recruitment, we require declaration of any allegations that have been made against you specifically in relation to the safety and welfare of a child, young person and/or vulunerable adult, either substantiated or unsubstantiated

7. References

Under the ‘Keeping Children Safe in Education’ (September 2019) guidance, issued by the Department of Education, we require two satisfactory references before we are able to make a formal job offer. We will seek to obtain references prior to interview where you have indicated that we are able to do so on this section.

References will not be used as part of the interview process but will be taken into account if you are offered the post. .

8. Equal Opportunities

The Trust aims to ensure that unfair discrimination does not occur in recruitment and in order to help the Trust monitor the effectiveness of this Policy (and for no other reason) personal information relating to this is requested during the application stage.  This information is not accessible to hiring managers and is not used for decision making purposes. Completion of this will help us to ensure that we provide the highest standard of service to job applicants.

Candidates who have declared a disability will be automatically shortlisted provided they meet the essential criteria for the role.

9. Declaration

You are required to declare that the information provided in the application is true and correct. The application will not be considered without this declaration being complete.

Further Information

General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

Under the Gender Data Protection Regulations, the information you provide in your job application form will be treated confidentially at all times and will only be disclosed to personnel involved in the recruitment process. Recruitment decisions will be made by a staff panel and not solely on the basis of automated decision making. If you accept a post with the University of Brighton Academies Trust, your personal information will be held for purposes relating to your Contract of Employment.  

Security safeguards apply to both manual and computerised information, and only relevant personnel and managerial staff can access your information. If your application is unsuccessful, your application form and any other information we hold about you will usually be destroyed after six months. Personal information for all applicants may be retained for monitoring and future recruitment purposes. 

Evidence of Qualifications

If you are successful from interview, you will be required to provide evidence to prove that you hold the qualifications which are relevant to the appointment. If the post requires you to travel on official business you will be required to produce your driver’s licence and certificate of insurance to your manager for inspection upon appointment.

Health Statement

Where an appointment is offered, you may be required to complete a health declaration form which must be cleared prior to taking up your post. You may also be required to have a medical examination or give permission for the Occupational Health Adviser to contact your GP for a report. Staff moving internally will be required to complete a health questionnaire if the new post is significantly different.

Asylum and Immigration Act 1996

As of 31st January 2021 all overseas nationals including those from the EEA and Switzerland will need to evidence their legal right to work in accordance with the UK Immigration system. If you need assistance with the new settlement scheme or points based system, please visit the governments website for the most up to date information. 

 Check if you need a UK visa - GOV.UK (

Interview Expenses

The University of Brighton Academies Trust does not normally pay interview expenses. We do, however, recognise that there may be occasions when candidates require assistance. Please contact the Academy if you require such assistance, before incurring any expense.